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Ten Years Ago, I Did an Interview with Sarah Palin. Sadly, It Helped Pave Trump’s Path to the Presidency
Conservative Novelist Brad Thor: Things Will Get ‘Much, Much, Much Worse’ for Trump and the GOP
Democrats Should Not Fear Impeaching Trump, Even Though He Would Likely Enjoy It
Republican Treatment of Romney Shows Trump is Very Likely to Still Be President at the End of 2019
An Honest Review of the Best and Worst Columns I Wrote in 2018
The McClatchy ‘Michael Cohen Was In Prague’ Story Has Significant Problems
Christmas Dinner with My Pro-Trump In-Laws Made it Clear That ‘Cult 45’ Is Holding Strong
Trump Actually Has Built a Wall… Around His Approval Ratings. But How Long Will It Remain Standing?
Trump Rails Against Steele Dossier After Watching Fox & Friends Segment on Michael Isikoff
2018 Was the Year that Anti-Trump Conservatism Literally Died
Extensive Interview with ‘Russian Roulette’ Coauthor Isikoff Reveals Big Problems With ‘Collusion’ Theory
Knowing What We Know Now, Could Trump Have Still Won the 2016 GOP Nomination?
Why Are The Russia/Butina/NRA/Trump Connections Still Not Getting More Attention?
If Trump Was Going to Be Remotely ‘Cleared,’ Wouldn’t That Have Been Leaked By Now?
It Pains Me to Say It, But Joy Behar Made a Really Important Point About Fox News & Trump
Yes, The Michael Flynn Sentencing Memo Looks Really Bad for Trump, Except…
Here’s What Trump’s ‘Cult 45’ Refuses to Understand About the Michael Cohen Revelations
The Best Evidence Trump is Guilty in the Russia Probe is Still His Reaction to It
If Liberals Really Want to Persuade Conservatives ‘Global Warming’ is Real, They Need to Read This
Pelosi Will Be the Next Speaker, But Both Parties Should Be Concerned About What that Means
How Just One House District in California Proves Trump Is Lying About Illegal Voting
Thanks Partly to Trump, California is Now an Electoral Anvil Around the Neck of the National GOP
Here’s What Happened When a Conservative Tried to Convince a Top House Democrat That Trump Should be Impeached
Media Needs to Take Some Responsibility for Why Republicans Won’t Rush to Jim Acosta’s Cause
How Nearly Every Political Group Both Won and Lost in the Midterms

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